Award and Recognition

Yujin Julia Jung, a doctoral candidate in political science at the University of Missouri Truman School of Government and Public Affairs, has had no shortage of research topics to choose from. An international scholar from Seoul, South Korea, Jung examines populism and comparative communication and has a strong interest in machine learning and text analysis.

She recently received the Robert N. Epsten Scholarship in International Studies from the Harry S. Truman Good Neighbor Award Foundation, a $10,000 award given to an exceptional graduate student majoring in the fields of international relations, public service, political science, diplomacy, history or the humanities. She plans to use the funds to do field research on populism in Asia. (Marcus Wilkins, "A passion for politics", 2022)

Working Experience

Research Fellow (2018)

Nuclear Education and Research Center

Researcher (2018)

Institute for Euro-African Studies

North Korea Sector Intern (2013)

Voice of America

Congressional Intern (2013)

Embassy of the Republic of Korea at the United States

Conference Experience

APSA (2019)

CTBTO Forum (2019)

KAIS (2017)

ACUNS (2017)

Volunteer Experience

Korea-U.S. Government Program Alumni Association Vice-President (2016)

Nuclear Security Summit Media Team(2012)

PR Representative of Hanyang Graduate Students Council (2018)

United Nation Geneva Human Rights Event Korean/English Translator (2018)

Media Exposure

  • Wrote a column about experience at the United States : "My Challenge Will Be Everlasting" (http://www.hanyangian.com/news/articleView.html?idxno=344 )

  • Interviewed as a volunteer of Seoul Nuclear Security Summit (http://news.kbs.co.kr/news/view.do?ncd=2455683 )

  • Interviewed about the journey of NEREC fellowship and academia : English Version (http://www.hanyang.ac.kr/surl/hraY), Korean Version (http://www.hanyang.ac.kr/surl/qdZY ), Made by Card News (http://www.hanyang.ac.kr/surl/aI5Y )

  • Selected as a fellow of NEREC (http://www.hanyang.ac.kr/surl/ENRX )

  • Selected as a presenter of ACUNS conference (https://blog.naver.com/gounikorea/221040928865 )

  • Selected as a delegate for Korea-US Government Internship Program (http://www.hanyang.ac.kr/surl/vDxB )

  • Awarded 2nd prize at Thesis Contest about Educational Policy (http://www.hanyang.ac.kr/surl/RyuB )

  • Awarded 2nd prize at Presentation Contest named Dream of HYLION (http://www.hanyang.ac.kr/surl/czJW )